Graham Harris

Graham Harris
(Principle of World Yachting)

RYA/DoT Yacht master Ocean certificate (DoT commercial endorsement).

Advanced Navigation for Yachtsman certificate.
STCW 95 PST certificate.
Diesel Engine certificate.
Certificate of Sailing Competence.
Restricted Radio / Telephone operator’s certificate.
Red Cross First Aid certificate, level 2.

A commercially endorsed Ocean Yacht master, and a highly experienced blue water sailor. 23 years as a professional Yacht Captain but has been actively sailing for 45 years. In that time has logged 293226 miles with 2967 days at sea and 7313 night hours on watch. This includes 42 Atlantic crossings, 4 Pacific crossings and 1 Indian Ocean crossing.

Delivered in excess of 70 yachts, catamarans, monohulls and powerboats. This includes 23 brand new vessels from various manufacturers.

An Australian citizen holding both Australian and English passports with a USA B1/B2 visa. A non smoker, speaks French and English, computer literate, happy sociable and contented with life.

Enjoys long Ocean passages, sailing multihulls and passing on knowledge gained over the years. On all long long ocean deliveries still navigates using a sextant and this year hopes to have published first book ‘THE COMPLETE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CELESTIAL NAVIGATION’

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