Currency converter for most currencies.
Free download. Make your own personal world wall clock showing date, time and dialing code and more for almost any city in the world.
Free download of Grib Files to see weather data for any area up to 7days. Clear and easy to interpolate. Updated daily and a valuable tool.
Low cost airline covering most of Asia, UK and Australia.
Jimmy Cornell’s web site with essential information on all matters of interest to sailors planning an offshore voyage anywhere in the world.
How many US$ to the pound sterling, A$ to Euros most exchange rates. How many miles to the nautical mile, pounds to the kilos etc.
Instant translation link from English into many languages, including French, German, Spanish.
Keep up to date and download daily newspapers and magazines from around the world
Enter latitude and longitude of start point then latitude and longitude of end point and program calculates the distance in nautical miles, (or statute miles).
The official Australian Meteorology site giving daily coastal and offshore weather forecasts
Everything you need to know about airlines and airports. What airports airlines fly from and to, what airlines fly to what airports, seat plans for most airlines. For serious travelers for a yearly subscription and registering with OAG, allows use of the facilities of the lounges at many airports around the world.



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