Motor boat and yacht training is tailor-made and designed for you and your vessel. Acquire the knowledge, skill and confidence, step by step at your own pace until you are ready to take on the responsibility yourself.

World Yachting will provide personalised tuition on your own craft with which you are familiar with, sail in waters which you are already acquainted with, and with as many people as you wish to join you.

Alternatively you may wish to gain your tuition by purchasing or chartering your vessel.

Develop your skills in:

  • Docking and anchoring
  • Boat handling
  • Seamanship
  • Sail trimming
  • Crewing
  • Living afloat
  • Safety at sea
  • Usage of electronic equipment
  • Coastal navigation
  • Being a responsible Skipper
  • Celestial navigation
  • Most importantly of all, confidence building

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