We have endeavored to answer all the questions that we feel you may have. However, if you have a query that we haven’t thought of, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can an owner’s friends and family come on a delivery trip?

A. Yes, after all it is your yacht we are delivering. However, we reserve the right to the final say based on the number as well as the choice of a suitable First Mate.

This is to not only protect the yacht but also the lives of everyone onboard.

If I decide to join the delivery, what do I need to bring?

We have completed many deliveries now on various vessels either power or sail as well as short and long-haul deliveries. We are therefore able to issue you with a list of what to bring based on experience and knowing what works and what doesn’t work.

Can we learn Celestial Navigation?

Yes. If the owner, (or crew) would like to learn then gladly it will be taught, especially on long ocean passages, (where if required we can supply a sextant and the relevant tables) and where there is extended time to fully learn and practice. Celestial navigation is still a requirement for the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster certificate.

Do you supply everything required for a delivery?

No. We supply everything required for the navigation of the vessel, if not already onboard including GPS, EPIRB, satellite phone and charts. This guarantees we have everything we need for a safe passage.

The vessel needs to be in a seaworthy condition, suitably equipped with all the necessary up-to-date safety equipment, like liferaft, lifejackets and flares, for the intended passage.

Tools, and some basic spares, (filters, engine belts, impellers, oil and coolant), a list will be provided, are also required to be onboard.

The vessel needs to have full fuel tank(s).

There should also be adequate cooking and sleeping facilities.

If any items are not on the vessel prior to our arrival onboard then World Yachting can organise on behalf of the client with the costs if any added to the delivery fee.

Who pays for transportation to and from the vessel?

All crew transportation costs from our home base in Phuket to the vessel are either included in the delivery price or paid for by the client depending on the vessel departure point.

All return crew transportation costs to our home base in Phuket are paid for by the owner/client and will be added to the delivery fee.

With all fixed price delivery quotations transportation costs to and from the vessel are included in the delivery price.

Does the yacht need to be insured?

Yes. As per International Maritime Law, the Owner of the Vessel is ultimately responsible for anything that happens on the vessel. The insurance of the vessel is the responsibility of the owner who will need to provide hull and all risks insurance to cover the yacht for the whole passage. We will need to be added to your existing insurance policy as “Paid crew” for the delivery.

Please check with your insurance company to ensure that this coverage is provided.

Your insurance company will usually ask for a copy of the Captain’s License and depending on the destination for the delivery a resume of all crew on board.

A copy of the current insurance policy needs be onboard prior to the delivery.

World Yachting crew are responsible for their own personal and medical insurance.

What happens if there is a delay?

Within each quote we have calculated the number of days that we anticipate that the delivery will take and our delivery fee is based on this. Included also as well as noted on the delivery quotation are a number of free days that we have allowed above our calculated delivery time.

Any further delay due to perhaps weather or mechanical breakdown for instance we have the option of maybe, repeat maybe, charge the owner a reduced 50% daily fee to cover the costs of crew provisioning and expenses depending on the reason for the delay and the duration..

This does not apply to fixed price deliveries.

Generally though we do not charge for short delays.

You would like a quote - What happens next?

We hope you will find World Yachting easy, friendly and straightforward to work with. The following outlines the key steps you can expect to follow:

1. Contact us with your delivery requirements by either calling us on +66 845 843 734 or as we prefer, send us an e-mail, We shall need some basic information of the vessel, where from and to, engine size, fuel capacity and what date you want the delivery to start.

2. We will then calculate and send to you by e-mail a clear and detailed quotation together with some basic information of the proposed delivery.

3. If the quotation is acceptable, we will ask for 50% deposit plus the calculated expenses which will be itemised on the delivery quote.

4. Once the funds have been cleared into our account a receipt will be sent and transportation organised to the vessel.

5. We will then e-mail you an estimated sailing schedule and other information that was not provided with the quotation.

6. Prior to departing we will need from you a signed Letter of Authority, the vessels documents and insurance papers.

7. The delivery takes place and the vessel arrives safely at her destination.

8. On arrival we will clear the vessel in with the relevant authorities or owners agent and finally wash down and clean her prior to the crew departing the vessel.

9. We will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the delivery fee, reconcile and finalise all the expenses incurred during the delivery, returning any unused passage deposits and send you the receipts. We will also send you a detailed Delivery Report.

10. Once payment has been cleared we will then send you a receipt of payment and return to you all the vessels documents, copy of the log book, (if required), and our detailed Delivery Report.

11. World Yachting will always be available long after the delivery has been completed to offer advice or any kind of help or assistance, all with no obligation.

What documentation does the yacht need?

Original documentation will be required onboard, for example; yacht registration, proof of ownership, yachts insurance, as well as the yachts radio license etc. A signed Letter of Authority, made out for the Captain, as well as sometimes a copy of the owner’s passport is also required.

Who will skipper my yacht?

Your yacht is going to be delivered only by myself and my trusted crew, no one else.

You are lending and trusting us your yacht, trusting us to get her from where she is to where you want her to be.

We agree a price, we deliver her, you say thank you, we say thank you and you carry on enjoying ownership of your yacht, no stress, no fuss. It’s that simple and all carried out in a professional, personalized manner where everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

Please feel free to request a copy of my current CV if not already sent out to you.

How do I protect myself from additional expenses?

Of course this is a normal response. We will provide a competitive price that clearly states everything that is included in the quotation. We will also give an estimate of what other onboard expenses need to be paid by the owner. These expenses are basically what you would incur if you were making the passage yourself, such as crew transportation costs, dockage, CIQ and fuel.

Clearance will always be obtained from the owner prior to any expenditure by World Yachting for any reason an unforeseen occurrence arises.

What are the payment arrangements?

50% of the delivery fee together with any estimated delivery expenses as noted on the Delivery Quote is required to commence the delivery process.

The final 50% of the delivery fee as well as the expense account will be reconciled with all receipts and over-estimated money being returned on completion of the delivery and presentation of the final invoice.

How much does a delivery cost?

The delivery price varies depending on the size, type of vessel and the delivery period. For example, a vessel being delivered from Singapore to Hong Kong; the delivery route / mileage will be different, (read price difference) depending on which season it is being delivered in.

Another example, a delivery from Phuket to Singapore; vessel A at 12 metres compared to vessel B at 20+ metres will be slower, (read more expensive) due to the time taken.

Who pays for the fuel?

Special provisions have been made within our fixed price deliveries, but generally the client is responsible for all fuel costs. Accompanied with the delivery quote, we will give an estimated fuel costing and this amount together with other estimated expenses will need to be paid beforehand. The balance will be reconciled either way at the end of the delivery on presentation of the Final Invoice.