USD $16,900


Recently I celebrated my 56th Atlantic crossing. I can still remember the excitement, (and trepidation) of my first crossing as First Mate in 1982, my first delivery as Skipper in 1984, (and again in total trepidation) and every other crossing made since, (all enjoyable).

From England, France, Scandinavia, The Med, or South Africa across ‘The Pond’ to the sunny Caribbean or return to this day is as exciting as ever.

I don’t think there is a month in the year where I haven’t been on my way across. During the easy trade wind season or the hurricane season each have their own way of sailing.

World Yachting is now offering fixed price Atlantic deliveries, with no more guessing the costs, no more uncertainty who is going to deliver your yacht, no more worrying will it arrive in the same condition as it left and will it arrive on time.

Its all taken care of by a true blue water professional Atlantic experiienced Captain who has done it in all seasons, done it on various types of yacht and done it 56 times.