On certain deliveries we are able to offer a genuine, fixed price delivery fee. The price quoted includes all Captain and crew costs, including provisioning, travel to and from the vessel as well as includes all CIQ, fuel, marina fees etc.

Due to the fluctuations of certain costs, for example, transportation, fuel, marina fees etc, our fixed price delivery quote will be slightly higher. Any unused money from our calculated costs will be returned to the owner. The advantage of course of our fixed price delivery is that everything is known upfront and allows the owner to budget accordingly.

Below is an example of some of our 2019 fully inclusive Fixed Price Delivery rates:

Atlantic crossings to Caribbean4,250 milesUSD$16,900
Pataya to Phuket1,333 milesTHB145,000
Phuket to Bali, (Indonesia)1,530 milesTHB190,000
Phuket to Darwin, (Australia)2,529 milesTHB310,000
Phuket to Langkawi to Phuket304 milesTHB22,000
Phuket to Singapore547 milesTHB81,000
Singapore to Hong Kong1,426 /1,684 milesTHB210,000
Singapore to Subic Bay, (Philippines)1,389 milesTHB195,000
Seychelles to Phuket2,723 milesTHB279,000


Sail boats –Fixed delivery price plus full fuel tank(s) and reserve to start
Power catamarans –Fixed delivery price plus all fuel purchased.