Rapid Reponse

The quicker you react the quicker we can help

Rapid Response

For a rapid response or urgent yacht delivery service, emergency Captain, crew replacement, for help or assistance at times within 24 hours.
Telephone: +66 845 843 734

Emergencies sometimes do happen where things don’t go to plan. A crew member gets sick, a personal matter arises at home and the Captain or one of the crew have to leave to sort it out leaving the vessel shorthanded until a replacement can be found. Perhaps it’s a delivery with a critical arrival schedule to make, the need to leave port urgently or the need to move the vessel to either its destination or just to the next port.

We do not operate a breakdown or a crewing service, but contact us any time for assistance. If we are able to then we will help out in all sorts or emergencies to assist the client, (or the Captain) to deliver or move their vessel as soon as possible and with minimum fuss.

Our Rapid Response delivery service starts as soon as we are notified with a request for assistance. The client just organises our flights and we will be there with the initial 50% deposit and estimated delivery costs paid on our arrival, either in cash or through our banking system.

Luiz Provin, Henry Callow, Robert Tidman delivery of Daffodil, Larnaca to Singapore June 1988 original
Raising Sails

Urgent Delivery Service

Our Urgent Delivery Service is slightly different to our Rapid Response Service, but still aiming when possible to be ready to leave within 12-24 hours.

As soon as the initial 50% deposit together with the estimated delivery costs are cleared into our account we will be on our way. Any outstanding details of the vessel delivery can then be negotiated on our arrival on the vessel when convenient.

Upon conciliation of the accounts at the end of the delivery we will then organise any over or under payments.

We can also assist on a daily basis with no minimum period until you can find a permanent solution.

Action is at the forefront of our thinking in all aspects of the delivery or what assistance is required.

Basically, the quicker you react the quicker we can help.