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Personal and professional yacht delivery service for all types of vessel, sail or power. 168 yachts delivered over a lifetime at sea. Multihull specialists.

SE Asia based with over 40 years experience providing a cost effective solution to having vessels delivered by sea from the Indian Ocean to as far as Australia.

World Yachting has delivered a variety of vessels to many destinations around the world. Sometimes the yachts delivered are small, sometimes they are large, and sometimes they are different; for example a 95-foot Chinese junk named “La Dame du Canton”, which was delivered and subsequently chartered for a French client.

All charts and navigation equipment required for a safe delivery if not onboard are supplied, which also includes GPS, EPIRB and satellite phone.

Prior to each delivery, owners are given a comprehensive assessment of the delivery gleaned from extensive investigations and past experience. Furthermore, estimated costs like fuel, CIQ, (customs and Immigration), marina fees, transportation etc together with an anticipated sailing schedule are also calculated.

Once under way the owner will be updated on a regular basis; on request and whenever possible, daily or scheduled position updates will be sent by text, mobile or satellite telephone.

On completion of the delivery, we will be happy to discuss the voyage with you, provide a comprehensive and detailed Summary Report of the vessel, the delivery and if required a copy of the logbook and any photographs.

Our commitment to our clients does not end with the completion of the delivery. It continues for as long as we can be of service to them as well as at times forming a longstanding friendship.

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Catamarans and trimarins have gained popularity, over the years, with motorcats especially. With their ease and comfort sailing, the roominess, stability, storage space, and boat speed just to name a few of the preferences it’s not hard to understand why. They have even mad more appealing to ‘non-sailors‘, wives, partners, children to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of travelling over the oceans to far off places.

World Yachting has devivered numeroos multihulls over thousand of miles, numerous times across the Atlanatic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and South China Sea from the leading manifacturers. Companies like Fontaine Pajot, SeaWind, Robertson & Caine, (Leopards), Catana to name a few.

Many of our deliveries have been of new vessels either straight from the factories in France or Cape Town or off the ship in Singapore or Hong Kong.

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Owners are welcome to accompany us on the delivery of their vessel for all or part of the voyage. Owning a yacht for the first time especially going offshore, can be quite a daunting affair. World Yachting will help you to gain invaluable experience, your confidence, enhance your skills and get to know your vessel all in a relaxed and enjoyable frame of mind.

It also allows you to take a break from your everyday job, and moreover, enjoy a relaxing time delivering your own yacht.
It also opens up going further afield; crossing an ocean for example.

Celestial navigation can be taught on all long ocean deliveries.


World Yachting has delivered over 25 new vessels from some of the leading manufacturers in yachting. We work closely with the builders in the finishing to the final commissioning before conducting the sea trials and then finally the handover with or on behalf of the owner.

Protection is the key word as well as good seamanship whilst on the delivery. All vulnerable areas of woodwork, upholstery and everything that needs protecting are covered in protective cladding with all non necessary equipment stowed securely. Time consuming yes, rewarding on arrival is worth all the effort.

During the delivery, we sail and motor conservatively, utilising as little as we can, servicing the engine(s) and equipment as required, clean and polish, so that when the yacht arrives at its final destination she still retains her newness.

Another advantage of having World Yachting deliver your new yacht by sea is that everything is checked, and checked again before, during and after our arrival. If anything is going to malfunction, then it is generally on the initial maiden voyage. The problems, (if any) we try to rectify ourselves if possible, or with the owner’s consent by a suitable technician. Failing that they are noted on the comprehensive Condition Report given to the owner at the completion of the delivery; this report alone will enhance your vessels future use.

New Dean 440 being launched
Sailing on a perfect day


On certain deliveries we are able to offer a genuine, fixed price delivery fee. The price quoted includes all Captain and crew costs, including provisioning, travel to and from the vessel as well as includes all CIQ, fuel, marina fees etc.

Due to the fluctuations of certain costs, for example, transportation, fuel, marina fees etc, our fixed price delivery quote will be slightly higher. Any unused money from our calculated costs will be returned to the owner. The advantage of course of our fixed price delivery is that everything is known upfront and allows the owner to budget accordingly.

Below is an example of some of our 2019 fully inclusive Fixed Price Delivery rates:

Atlantic crossings to Caribbean4,250 milesUSD$16,900
Pataya to Phuket1,333 milesTHB145,000
Phuket to Bali, (Indonesia)1,530 milesTHB190,000
Phuket to Darwin, (Australia)2,529 milesTHB310,000
Phuket to Langkawi to Phuket304 milesTHB22,000
Phuket to Singapore547 milesTHB81,000
Singapore to Hong Kong1,426 /1,684 milesTHB210,000
Singapore to Subic Bay, (Philippines)1,389 milesTHB195,000
Seychelles to Phuket2,723 milesTHB279,000


Sail boats Fixed delivery price plus full fuel tank(s) and reserve to start
Power catamarans Fixed delivery price plus all fuel purchased
Schooner On The Wind

Fixed Price Atlantic Deliveries

Recently I celebrated my 56th Atlantic Ocean crossing. I will always remember the excitement, (and trepidation) of my first crossing as First Mate in 1982, my first delivery as Skipper in 1984, (and again in total trepidation) and every other crossing made since, (all enjoyable). Each is unique, whether it is the difference in the crew, the vessel or the weather.

From England, France, Scandinavia, The Med, or South Africa eastwards across ‘The Pond’ to the sunny Caribbean and the West Coast of the USA or the eastwards return to this day is as exciting as ever.

I don’t think there is a month in the year where I haven’t been on my way across. During the easy trade wind season or the hurricane season each have their own way of sailing, no route is the same.

World Yachting is now offering fixed price Atlantic Ocean deliveries, with no more guessing the costs, no more uncertainty who is going to deliver your yacht, no more worrying will it arrive in the same condition as it left and will it arrive on time.

It’s all taken care of by a true blue water professional Atlantic experienced Captain who has done it in all seasons, done it on various types of yacht and done it 56 times.

On these deliveries if the owner is accompanying the delivery then the option is available to learn and practice celestial navigation.

Atlantic Chart
Sunset heading to Caribbean


The delivery fee is based on a combination of the mileage, the type and size of yacht as well as the days needed to complete the delivery including fuel and rest stops.

We try to make our quotation as clear, straightforward and informative as possible as well as being competitive. This includes estimating the fuel required, CIQ, port fees and crew transportation costs as well as anticipated delivery times. The owner can then see most of the real costs involved in the delivery of their vessel and not find out afterwards with the additional add-ons.

Vessels and itineraries vary considerably but sometimes it is possible to quote an all inclusive fixed delivery rate for a yacht delivery. Another alternative is to base the delivery on a daily rate allowing flexibility for the owner to change itineraries and schedules.

Delivering yachts though is not just about price. The lowest price is not always the best value for money; it is more to do with value and what you get for that price including peace of mind.