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A personal and professional yacht delivery service for all types of vessels, sail or power, coastal or to the other side of the world. 161 yachts delivered over a lifetime at sea.
A Thailand-based company that provides a cost-effective solution and peace of mind to having vessels delivered by sea.
Highly experienced in deliveries to or from Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong, as well as to and from Australia.
Providing local knowledge for an added advantage to safe, successful deliveries.
Specialising in catamaran and trimaran deliveries from a multihull enthusiast.
All charts and navigation equipment required for safe delivery if not onboard are supplied, including, GPS, EPIRB, and satellite telephone.
Before each delivery, owners are given a comprehensive assessment gleaned from extensive investigation and experience. Furthermore, estimated costs like fuel, transportation, CIQ (customs and immigration), agents and marina fees, with an anticipated sailing schedule, are also calculated.
Once underway, the owner will be updated regularly on request, and whenever possible, daily or scheduled position updates will be sent by text, mobile or satellite telephone.
Upon completion, we will be happy to discuss the delivery with you and provide a detailed Summary Report and, if required, a copy of the logbook and any photographs taken.
Our commitment to our clients does not end with the completion of the delivery; it continues for as long as we can be of service to them and, at times, form a longstanding friendship.

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Catamarans and trimarans have gained popularity over the years, with motor cats especially. With their ease and comfort sailing, safety, roominess, storage space available and boat speed, to name a few of the preferences, it’s not hard to understand why. They have also made them more appealing to ‘non-sailors’, wives, partners, and children to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of traveling over oceans to far-off places.

World Yachting has delivered numerous multihulls over thousands of miles, innumerable times across the Atlantic Ocean and the South China Sea, from the leading manufacturers. Companies like Robertson & Caine (Leopard Catamarans) (www.leopardcatamarans.com), Fountaine Pajot (www.fountaine-pajot.com), Seawind, and Lagoon (Beneteau), to name but a few.
Many of our deliveries have been of new vessels either straight from the factories in France or Cape Town in South Africa or straight off the ships in Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong.

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Owning a yacht for the first time can be pretty exciting at the same time, perhaps even daunting.
There is the learning curve of a newly purchased vessel, where everything is located, how it all operates, how she maneuvers in confined spaces or a crowded marina with little room for error and, of course, many eyes watching to see how you go.
To be considered is the passage planning, weather forecasts, radio schedules, knowledge of new harbours, the procedure for immigration, customs, and port control, what spares are required, and what victualing is needed if going offshore on a long voyage especially.
On delivery, how will the crew function at sea, cooking, taking watches, sail trimming and reefing if a sailboat, knowledge of engines and the ability to fix if need be, fuel management. It’s an extensive list, eh?
All these items owners overcome with time and experience, but a bad experience to start with just may put you off forever.
World Yachting eases you into it slowly, gaining your confidence throughout the delivery while giving the owner as much responsibility as they ask for. An invisible hand in the background to be consulted with if required.
Perhaps the owner is fully experienced and capable of taking on the responsibility of Captain, needing just an experienced crew to help him deliver his yacht.
On all long ocean deliveries where the owner is accompanying the delivery, the option is available to learn and practice celestial navigation.


World Yachting has delivered over 25 new vessels from some of the leading manufacturers in yachting. Moody, Beneteau, Jeanneau, AusThai Marine (www.austhaimarine.com), and the multihull constructors Dean Catamarans and Robertson & Caine.

Working and assisting the builders in the finishing, noting any defects, checking all the systems and equipment function properly, checking the inventory before conducting the sea trials and finally, the handover with or on behalf of the owner.

Protection is the key, as well as good seamanship while on the delivery. All vulnerable areas of woodwork, upholstery and everything that needs protecting are covered in protective cladding, with all non-necessary equipment stowed securely. Time-consuming, yes, but rewarding on arrival is worth all the effort.

During the delivery, we sail and motor conservatively, utilising as little as possible, servicing the engines(s) and equipment as required, cleaning and polishing so that when the yacht arrives at its final destination, she still retains her newness.

Another advantage of having World Yachting deliver your new yacht by sea is that everything is checked and rechecked before, during and after our arrival. If anything is going to malfunction, it is generally on the initial maiden voyage. The problems (if any) we try to rectify ourselves or with the owner’s consent by a suitable technician. Failing that, they are noted on the comprehensive Condition Report given to the owner after the delivery; this report alone will enhance your vessel’s future use.

New Dean 440 being launched
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On certain deliveries and on request, we may be able to offer a fixed-price delivery quotation. The quoted price includes all Captain and crew costs, all CIQ (customs and Immigration), agent’s cost if applicable, marina fees and travel to and from the vessel. It does not cover fuel costs; this will be estimated.

Due to the fluctuations of certain costs, such as transportation, the Fixed Price delivery quote will be adjusted upwards to allow for any discrepancies. Any unused money from our calculated costs will be returned to the owner.

The advantage of a fixed-price delivery is that most of the delivery cost is known from the beginning and allows the owner to budget accordingly.


The delivery fee is based on a combination of various things to consider. The mileage, the type and size of the vessel being delivered, the days needed to complete the delivery, including pre-departure checks and final handover, travel to and from the vessel, fuel and rest stops.

We try to make our quotation as clear and straightforward as possible, as well as being competitive. This includes estimating the fuel required, CIQ, (customs and Immigration), port and agents fees, crew transportation costs and the anticipated delivery time. The owner can then see the actual costs involved in the delivery of their vessel and not find out afterward about the additional add-ons.

Sometimes it is possible to quote an all-inclusive fixed delivery rate for a yacht delivery. Sometimes too, circumstances require another alternative and to base the quotation on a daily rate allowing flexibility for the owner to change itineraries and schedules.

Delivering yachts, though, is not just about price. The lowest price is not always the best value for money; it is more to do with value and what you get for that price, including peace of mind.

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